Driving License Exam Useful Material and How to get Driving license

If you have applied for a learner’s license, you need to prepare yourself for an online learner’s license test. A driving licence is mandatory in India by any individual driving any vehicle on public road or highway as per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 and no one is permitted to drive the vehicle without a valid Driving licence. 
However, the rule also states that the first step to getting a permanent driving license is to get a Learner’s licence by passing the learner’s license test. This learners license will be considered as a temporary licence post which a driving test will be carried out to get a Driving licence.
Driving License Exam Useful Material and How to get Driving license
Learning licence Test Questions
Here are a few sample driving licence test questions based on traffic rules and regulations that can be asked in the exam. The test is presented in the form of MCQs and the right answer is highlighted in bold for your reference below: Click Here To Download Pdf
List of traffic signs 
You will also need to understand the meaning of a few traffic signs, which may be asked by the RTO as a part of RTO exam test questions. 
Here are a few:
Your learner’s license test paper will have similar questions to the above-mentioned questions. The actual idea of a learner’s license test is to evaluate your knowledge pertaining to the safety of road, traffic rules and regulations. Hence, be patient and be calm and be ready for the test.
What is the process of a Learners License test in India?
  • Now let us take you through the process of Learners License test.
You will have to appear for an online test if the online learning licence application is made or you can appear for written test as well. Some key aspects to note here as below:
  1. You need to be present at the venue half an hour before the test
  2. Many RTOs usually give printed information covering points like traffic signals, traffic rules etc for your reference
  3. You need to pay the required fee (table is given below for you to refer) for the test
  4. If you pass, you will be given the learner’s license there itself
  5. If you are unable to pass the test, you will be allowed to retake the test after a week
  6. You will be allowed to apply for a Driving License 30 days post the date of issue of the Learner’s License.
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