Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be visiting Ayodhya for the ‘bhoomi pujan’ ceremony of Ram Mandir on 5 August, at least three members of the Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Teertha Kshetra Trust, the body set up to oversee the construction of the temple, told ThePrint. 

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अयोध्या जा सकते हैं PM मोदी, 5 अगस्त को राम मंदिर भूमि-पूजन में हो सकते हैं शामिल PM Modi to visit Ayodhya on 5 August

“We have got a confirmation that Prime Minister Modi will be coming to Ayodhya on 5 August to attend the bhoomipujan (foundation stone laying) ceremony of the temple. Because of security concerns, his itinerary is not being made public,” said a senior member of the Trust.

Soon after the ceremony, the construction work on the temple will officially start. The trust has set a 2024 deadline to complete the work.

The date fixed for Ram Mandir ‘bhoomi pujan’, 5 August, also happens to be the first anniversary of the scrapping of Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir.

Changes in proposed temple structure 

The trustees had met at Ayodhya Saturday to decide among other things the date to start construction for the temple. “Yesterday, we had decided on two dates — 3 August and 5 August. However, we were told that the PM has prior engagement on 3 August and hence 5 August was finalised,” said a second member of the trust, who did not want to be.

During Saturday’s meeting, the trust members also decided to make some changes to the proposed temple structure.

“The model of the temple will remain the same but keeping in mind that it is going to be one of the prominent places of worship, the trust has decided to expand the temple to accommodate all devotees. The built-up area of the temple has now been increased to 57,242 square feet from the earlier 27 lakh square feet. Besides, it was also decided to increase the height of the temple from the existing 148 feet to 161 feet,” Kameshwar Chaupal, one of the trust members told ThePrint.

Ayodhya: The foundation laying ceremony for the construction of Ram Temple in Ayodhya is likely to be held in the first week of August. The trust members confirmed that an invitation has been sent to the Prime Minister and the final date for the beginning of temple construction will be finalised soon. 

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As per the reports, PM Modi will arrive in Ayodhya at 11 am on August. He is expected to stay in the holy city for 3:30 hours, till 1:10 pm. 

This would be Modi's first visit to Ayodhya after he became the Prime Minister in 2014 Lok Sabha election. 

PM Modi will do Bhoomi Pujan of Ram Temple. He may also visit Hanuman Garhi temple and Sarayu river.

He will stay in Sri Ram Janmabhoomi premises for almost an hour. He will do Bhoomi Pujan at the sanctum sanctorum at the campus.

The Prime Minister will also lay foundation stone of several projects worth thousands of crores for the development of Ayodhya. According to report, a big plan has been prepared for the development of Ayodhya.

General Secretary of the Trust Champat Rai said soon after the monsoon, the Ram temple trust will contact 10 crore families across the country for financial help and it will take three to three-and-half years after the finalisation of the temple's design to complete its construction.

At the meeting, the issue of the height of the Ram Mandir was discussed. The temple's height would be 161 feet and will now have five domes instead of two, said Kameshwar Chaupal, a member of the Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Teertha Kshetra Trust.
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